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Zero Turn Mower – All You Need To Know

Choosing the perfect zero turn mower (ZTR) can be a difficult decision to make, especially when there are so many brands to choose from. Whether you are unsure about what a Zero Turn Mower even is or are in the process of buying one, these zero turn mower reviews are here to help you find all of the important tips and recommendations that will ensure you make the best possible decision.


TOP ZERO TURN MOWER 2014Husqvarna RZ4621
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The most basic aspect of zero turn mowers is that they are essentially a riding lawn mower that utilizes a turning radius of around zero inches, meaning that the zero turn mower is much more versatile and maneuverable than a typical riding lawn mower. When choosing a zero turn mower, there are a wide variety of factors that should be taken into consideration, such as fuel types, pricing and engine type, among others.

While a zero turn mower, in general, is better than other mowers, there are low quality and high quality mowers available, just as with every other product. When looking for one to buy, you will want a mower that provides the closest trim and will last a long time. As such, you should compare all of the following zero turn mower reviews and identify which one would work best for you.

What’s Great About Zero Turn Mower

A zero turn mower is a fantastic machine for a variety of reasons, though mainly due to its high versatility that allows it to turn corners and maneuver in typically difficult areas with ease. For instance, when you buy a standard riding lawn mower, you may find that turning a corner will yield a lot of uncut grass that will need a trimmer to complete the job. However, due to the way a zero turn mower is designed, the mower itself is able to pivot up to 180 degrees without leaving any annoying uncut grass. This basically takes out the need for a trimmer at all and can save you a lot of money in the process.

As a zero turn mower is also much easier to handle than other mowers, most users will find that their mowing time is cut down substantially. This can be especially useful for those with bigger lawns. There are also a large number of useful attachments that could add a great deal to certain aspects of the zero turn mower that you choose, such as ease-of-use, ability to use cruise control and added versatility. It’s a good idea to add a Mulching Kit to the side of a zero turn mower as well, which can be very beneficial to your lawn.

Zero Turn Mower Characteristics

When selecting a zero turn mower, the size and weight of the machine should factor into your decision. In general, the larger the mower, the more horsepower it will have, as well as a larger fuel tank. It’s also common for a cheaper and entry-level zero turn mower to be much smaller than a commercial one. The weight of the mower oftentimes depends on how large the engine is.

As for the engine size, the bigger the engine, the better it tends to be. Brands such as Kohler, Kawasaki and Honda make some of the largest engines in the industry, which leads to more maneuverability and higher speeds.

Cutting width is easily one of the most important characteristics of a zero turn mower. The term applies to how large the general cutting area on the mower is. When looking at mowers, the higher the cutting width, the better quality the machine will be, as it will help to cut down on time spent mowing.

When using a zero turn mower, you can manage the excess grass clippings in 3 different ways, which includes bag, mulching and side discharge. With the bag option, zero turn mowers often have the ability to use a bagging accessory, allowing the grass clippings to be collected automatically. Turning these clippings into mulch can be done with another popular accessory, as it pushes the clippings downward and re-fertilizes your lawn. Side discharge is the most common, which spreads the clippings out sideways onto your lawn as your mowing. Each option can be useful, all that matters is which one you would prefer.

When atop your new zero turn mower, you want to feel completely safe and exceedingly comfortable. Many zero turn mowers include padded and vinyl seats, to keep riders comfortable and secure while operating the machine. As a zero turn mower is typically driven by utilizing the two-lever system, when looking for the best zero turn mower available, you will want one that has foam-padded levers.

Garden Tractor Brands

When ascertaining what the best zero turn mower is, it’s necessary to be aware about all of the top brands, which will allow you to be assured that the decision you made was the right one.

HusqvarnaToroCub CadetSnapperAriensSwisherJohn DeereKubotaHusqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

When you’re looking for the best zero turn mower, the RZ4621 by Husqvarna is the one you should choose above all others. In comparison to other brands such as Cub Cadet and Kubota, Husqvarna offers only the highest zero turn mowers available.

  • 46-inch cutting deck
  • Optional mulch and collection capability
  • Relatively affordable
  • Dual Hydro-Gear EZT drive system

Toro offers four models that fall under two types, known as the Timecutter and Titan.

  • Cuts down mowing time significantly
  • can be difficult to use
  • may need to replace deck drive pulleys

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is home to 3 unique series of zero turn mowers, known as RZT, Z-Force and Tank series.

  • Their zero turn mowers are perfect for both small and large yards.
  • Use both steering wheel and dual lever driving mechanisms
  • can be quite costly


Snapper offers customers the ability to choose from 5 series of zero turn mowers, the 200Z, 285Z, 300Z, 400Z and 550Z models.

  • Cuts down significantly on mowing times
  • Often requires far too much maintenance


Ariens has a selection of 3 types of zero turn mowers, the Zoom, Zoom XL and Max Zoom.

  • Works well on small lawns
  • Control levers are not adjustable


Swisher offers customers 8 different types of zero turn mowers.

  • Delivers a comfortable ride
  • Requires heavy and advanced maintenance
  • belts can break semi-regularly

John Deere

John Deere provides customers with the ability to choose from 3 different series, known as the Z200, Z400 and Z600 series.

  • Mowers are durable and fun to drive
  • Can be costly, though it is possible to find many of these zero turn mowers for sale


Kubota specializes in four types of zero turn mowers, the Z100, Z200, Z300 and Z700.

  • The mower decks and seats are high quality
  • Many models are larger than other branded counterparts, such as the Husqvarna RZ6421
  • Aren’t as maneuverable as they should be